The Crypto-Trading Hamster Has Died of Unknown Causes

“He shed light into dark moments of pandemic, inflation and many kinds of trouble.”


The crypto-savvy hamster known as Mr. Goxx, whose portfolio beat out some of the biggest traders, has tragically passed away.

“We feared this day like no other and are truly shocked for it to happen just now,” the hamster’s owners lamented in a tweet this morning. “In deep sorrow, we have to announce the loss of our beloved furry friend.”

It’s a sad day for hamster lovers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts alike.

“Mr. Goxx has brought joy to people all across the globe and reminded us not to take life too seriously,” the account wrote in a touching eulogy Twitter thread. “He shed light into dark moments of pandemic, inflation and many kinds of trouble.”

Mad Skillz

The death came out of nowhere. Over the weekend, the magnate rodent refused food and “fell asleep peacefully on Monday morning,” according to the account.

Mr. Goxx rose to fame after buying and selling cryptocurrencies by running on his wheel and slipping through “Decision Tunnels” set up inside his cage.

Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk got a kick out of the little guy, tweeting in September that Mr. Goxx had “mad skillz!!”

Prior to his premature death, Mr. Goxx was up just shy of $110 while working on an NFT.

But now, the real mourning begins.

“You will be missed, and your memory will live forever on the blockchain,” the Twitter eulogy reads.

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